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Young hockey player

感謝你們開發 平價的雲台

Kid playing snake board

Proview S3 + LG G4 測試 – 小恩溜蛇板


非常好用~值得真心推薦~ 20161106 沒看到夕陽的回家路~

Kids playing with scooters

Ha! Mine arrived in Sydney Australia!!!!! It’s amaze balls!!! Set it up went across the street and RAN yes was running after the kids to make this clip straight out of the box!!! Looks super pro. Very happy thanks Rick.

Canoe polo championships

全國國小盃輕艇錦標賽競賽篇~ 全國國小盃輕艇錦標賽@台中康橋河岸公園 前一個短片是敘事~這個是戰鬥篇! 請大家多多分享~讓輕艇隊發揚光大~ 特別感謝教練們的辛勞還有後援會的支援~感恩~

Kids playing at a roof garden


Kids running in the park

分享第一次試拍 感覺很棒 畫面很穩定,流暢 還在熟悉操作介面 希望可以早ㄧ點上手 謝謝你們有這麼棒的產品 讓我可以留下超級美好的畫面 謝謝囉