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I am a great fan of CBD and hemp products and I must admit that I know the market inside out. With this very exclusive service, I will try and honestly review your products on the basis of their presentation, quality (taste: if edible), value for money, branding and so on. I can review up […]


爵劇舞正氣義心·影色藝樹人立德 編舞者:王儷陵 LiLin 演出者:LiLin、Monkey 影片拍攝、剪接:Wu Yi Hua

Northampton Racecourse

It’s a great stabilizer! Thank you very much! Some test footage using the new Nevin ProView S3 3-Axis stabilizer. Shot with an iPhone 6s using the camera app, the front camera, the ScopeFlare app and then adding a counterweight, using the Moondog Anamorphic 1:33 lens adapter and filming through Filmic Pro. Filmed in Northampton Racecourse […]

La Casa dei 7 Raggi

Made with Love and ProView S3 from Italy! Thank You so much! Good week dear friends and friends, We thought of you a little gift in Autumn! Come with us to the house of the 7 Rays. Follow Federica Ronchi, the fairy magic. Through this video is a bit like “feel” to get there. Thoughts […]

Loch Lomond Shores & Luss

4K Video of Loch Lomond, taken November 2016 Camera, iphone SE. Video Stabilisation, Navin ProView S3.



Sun Moon Lake

手機影片剪輯練習 相機/ Samsung Note5 穩定器/ Proview S3 剪輯/ 樂秀

Sydney Opera House

i6Plus + ProView S3拍攝於雪梨歌劇院廣場,CP值高的手機三軸穩定器👍👍👍


砂卡礑步道 Shakadang Trail 砂卡礑步道原稱為「神秘谷步道」,近年才改回原名,是泰雅族語「臼齒」之意,相傳泰雅族祖先在開墾時挖到臼齒而得名。


終於拿出戶外使用了 效果很好