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Giulia e le Magie di Natale

A short clip of Magie di Natale featuring a pro view gimbal 3 asix and filmed with iphone All filmed with iPhone 6Plus and ProView S3 Gimbal Stabilizer

RC bike racing

非常好用的東西,感謝你們 「中部你好機車俱樂部」 一直強調遙控機車的魅力在哪?你可能不懂! 只有體驗過的人才會了解! 平跑場跑路線與貼身過彎的緊張與刺激,安全又不危險。 也可以去一趟勤美綠園道,把遙控汽車跟遙控機車一起同時放下去跑! 你就能體會觀眾對於遙控機車的新鮮感與興趣,遠遠大於遙控汽車!


爵劇舞正氣義心·影色藝樹人立德 編舞者:王儷陵 LiLin 演出者:LiLin、Monkey 影片拍攝、剪接:Wu Yi Hua Take the lead. Our company is always searching for our next success student with the desire to work hard, who shares our principles and is ready to learn In addition to teaching you how to use FaceBook & Google Ads to run successful online stores, we will teach you the strategy behind finding easy-to-advertise-highly-converting […]

Running after Merci



那英-默 電影.《何以笙簫默》主题曲 編舞者:王儷陵 舞者:王儷陵、Monkey 音樂:那英-默 爵劇影色舞團 Je Jue Yin Se Dance Company Mobile proxies. Ukraine. Vodafone. LifeCell. Kyivstar. We offer you high-quality private mobile proxies located in Ukraine. Our mobile proxies are ideal for working on social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and also for registrating accounts in these social networks. Changing IP at a convenient time for you. Traffic on our mobile proxies for […]

Dolphins in the ocean

使用ProView 在海上拍海豚喔 … 坐在搖搖晃晃的船上, 一點都不受影響 Dolphins playing near Amakusa Islands