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Northampton Racecourse

It’s a great stabilizer! Thank you very much! Some test footage using the new Nevin ProView S3 3-Axis stabilizer. Shot with an iPhone 6s using the camera app, the front camera, the ScopeFlare app and then adding a counterweight, using the Moondog Anamorphic 1:33 lens adapter and filming through Filmic Pro. Filmed in Northampton Racecourse […]

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Chinese calligraphy

20161110廣西柳州書香世家飯店 ASUS ZenPhone 3 + Proview S3 1920*1080 FHD

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Playing mannequin challenge

0161224 台北中正國中、仁和國中、六和國中管樂交流.挑戰-Mannequinchallenge 兩百多人一起玩假人遊戲、時間暫停挑戰成功~ 同學們挑戰Mannequinchallenge,沒有練習,默契十足一次成功~ 有入鏡的同學可以分享給朋友看看喔~很讚!!!請多多分享~ 按讚就是鼓勵~感恩~

Kids playing with scooters

Ha! Mine arrived in Sydney Australia!!!!! It’s amaze balls!!! Set it up went across the street and RAN yes was running after the kids to make this clip straight out of the box!!! Looks super pro. Very happy thanks Rick.