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miniHomer Key-Chain GPS Position Finder
Mark, Go, Return !
Never worry about where the car is parked
Never worry about finding way back to hotel
No worry about returning to camping ground

Reliable and accurate
Convenient and easy to use
Small light weight easy to carry
Great for finding way back outdoors
Giving peace of mind and feeling secure

Latest 66 channel GPS technology
Display direction and distance
Mark and locate 5 positions
Built in digital compass
Low power consumption
Light weight 42g
Waterproof to IPX6 standards
Small size 73mm L x 35mm x 17mm H

Compass & time function

ntrip compatible

Ever forgot where you parked your car at the mall or stadium? Ever got lost when hiking, biking, or traveling to a new place? miniHomer is a keychain-sized GPS Locator device used for returning to a previously marked outdoor spot. This high-tech, reverse navigation system is low cost, accurate, easy to use, fits in your pocket, and giving peace of mind.

Using latest GPS technology, miniHomer works globally, under all weather condition, 24/7. It is an indispensible tool for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it is for returning to the camping ground, remembering a favorite fishing spot, or getting back to a place of particular interest you came across during vacation, simply mark the location while you are at the place. Later miniHomer can guide you back to the exact spot no matter how far away you start.

Never getting lost again outdoors!
Finding way back with 100% confidence!

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miniHomer User's Manual (ver 1.5)
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German, Russian

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